Every hardworking network marketer out there deserves to succeed and reap the reward of all that hard work, and this article aims to give you three tried and trusted tips which will help you attain that success if you haven't already. Most people reading this now are either already multi-level marketers or at the very least, are planning to join a company and become one very soon. So, guys, if you're looking for ways in which you can succeed at MLM, then you have found the right article.

One common advice people get is that they need to get their business out to the notice of everyone. Now, at first glance, this looks like a very good advice, but upon close inspection, there are some wasteful aspects of such a plan. First of all, there are going to be people who have no need whatsoever, and may never develop a need for your product, so marketing to them will be like trying to sell milk to a very lactose intolerant individual.

The better thing to do is pitch your business to a target audience and people who have indicated interest in whatever fashion. Your target audience refers to those people who have a need for your product/service or may be interested in joining the business venture itself. That kind of specific marketing is sure to get you more bites than merely casting your net with no real plan.

Of course, there may be times when, though a person has indicated disinterest, or simply doesn't fit into the profile of your audience, you still get some vibe that with a little more persuasion, they may become interested. Following your gut is good at times, but do not pester. And before you begin hounding someone about your product, try to build some quick rapport, before making your pitch.

Now, we move on to the three tips to guide you towards MLM success


Doing too many things at the same time, or trying to implement more than two strategies at a time, is one way to hinder your growth rather than aid it. Network marketers need to focus on one strategy (two at the max) and implement it optimally until they start getting good results. Each strategy comes with its own weaknesses and strengths, both of which you have to master and learn to overcome. Taking on too many things will keep your attention divided, and blur your focus, which could be rather disastrous.

One thing is that many new network marketers are just entering into the world of marketing for the first time, and totally in new territory. This is why focus on one thing at a time, is very important. Whether online or offline marketing, the focus is essential. My Lead System Pro can assist those who are into online network marketing, but even then, intense focus and dedication are needed if you hope to see any results.


For those of you wondering 'what does mlm prospecting and recruiting mean?' kindly check the link for more details. Now, for the rest of us, an important thing to note during prospecting is that rather than being on the receiving end of the questions, you have to be the one asking them instead. This puts you in control of the entire conversation and you dictate the terms, so to speak. Seasoned network marketers call that conversation control, "Posture". So when you have control over the conversation, by asking rather than answering questions, you have posture.

Basically, what you need to do is have a set of questions and topics which you can always use, whenever you are talking to a prospect. You can ask about their family, their work, what they like to do for fun and so on before you begin to make your pitch. The questions are meant to make the person more comfortable and open up to you and in that situation, see you as sort of a friend rather than someone trying to sell something to them.

Furthermore, you can then inquire about their network marketing history. Have they had an encounter with a network marketer or network marketing before you? If yes, then in what capacity? Did they participate and if they did, how were they treated and nurtured? Was the support sufficient? Furthermore, you can ask them about problems they have encountered and possibly offer helpful solutions as well. For those who have not had the experience, you can then proceed to ask if they would be interested in earning a separate source of income, which they can earn while working from home.